A modern local community for all generations

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Social sustainability and the feeling of living in a community are in focus in the new community.

  • Hedehusene, Denmark
    2018 - 2022
  • Client
    Sjælsø Management
    ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører / Kragh & Berglund
    15,000 m²
  • Apartments to different family types

    Dissing+Weitling designed new homes as well as a road and cycle bridge in Nærheden in Hedehusene. People living in the new district are close to Copenhagen, nature and each other. Social sustainability and the feeling of living in a community are in focus, as well as creating an attractive area for all generations and types of residents.

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  • Lynghaven

    The neighbourhood is built around residential clusters consisting of different-looking terraced houses, villas and apartment buildings in primarily 2-3 floors. 3,000 housing units will be built in the district by 2035, which – when fully developed – will be home to approximately 8,000 residents.

    The organisation of the housing offers a meaningful foundation for the ways individuals live and for reconsidering the spaces ‘in between’.

  • The Loop

    A distinctive feature in the planning of Nærheden is the ”Loopet” park. This is a 'green' and 'blue' vein that runs through the area as a unifying element, making it easy to get around to school, the gym, shops and the community centre. The loop also provides direct access to the station and nearby green areas.

    Concrete and soil from the area have been recycled for buildings and grounds, the lighting is all LED, and rainwater is recycled.

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    Photos by Balder.
  • The client aim at receiving a DGNB gold certification, which is guided by Dissing+Weitling's DGNB Auditor.

    Dissing+Weitling also designed the new bridge for Nærheden.