Moving Architecture

Dissing Weitling in front of Farnsworth House

Dissing+Weitling: Buildings, bridges and cultural heritage rooted in Nordic design DNA and driving new solutions forward

The buildings, bridges and transformations we create will move you physically and emotionally. We unite classical values, such as solidity and continuity, with modern methods and tools to achieve harmony between function, the environment and aesthetics.

Irrespective of the type of construction, its scale and country, we strive to make a positive difference for the people using it every day. Cycling through a city should be fun, working in an office should be comfortable, and waiting for a train should not feel too boring. Our architecture is a catalyst of good experiences as we move people through distances and spaces.

We have roots in Arne Jacobsen’s architecture. This gives us a unique foundation in Danish design and architecture history, and we carry this in our DNA to form an uninterrupted thread through 50 years of projects to date. A look down our portfolio will take you past iconic buildings such as Danmarks Nationalbank, the Great Belt Bridge and the Bicycle Snake. We transform heritage into buildings for today and tomorrow.

We design headquarters, workspaces, social housing and hotels, and we renovate the built cultural heritage. We are also behind the bridge you drive, cycle or walk over in Copenhagen and elsewhere in the world. Irrespective of the size and nature of the solution, our working methods and expression reflect our Nordic design heritage, drive new solutions forward, and stimulate technical standards.

We work across specialist fields and nationalities, and our work culture encourages young talents and experienced architects to learn from each other.

  • The formation of Dissing+Weitling

    Professor Arne Jacobsen founded his ground-breaking architectural firm in Copenhagen, Denmark in the 1930s. Hans Dissing was Office Manager for Arne Jacobsen, while Otto Weitling worked as Associated Partner on the firm’s German projects. Following the death of Arne Jacobsen in 1971, Hans Dissing and Otto Weitling were requested to continue the work on Arne Jacobsen’s many projects, amongst them Danmarks Nationalbank.

    International outlook

    Dissing+Weitling completed several projects started by Arne Jacobsen. Showing an aptitude with international projects, Dissing+Weitling built the Mainz City Hall in Germany, a holiday resort on the north German island of Fehmarn, and the Danish Embassy in London. In 1972, Dissing+Weitling also won competitions for the IBM Centre in Hamburg and the Art Gallery North Rhine-Westphalia in Dusseldorf, establishing the Dissing+Weitling name in its own right.

    Today, Dissing+Weitling works worldwide and our portfolio includes projects in more than 40 countries.

  • 16 til 9
    The founding fathers: Arne Jacobsen, Hans Dissing and Otto Weitling.

  • A tradition for cultural heritage and transformation

    Since its foundation, Dissing+Weitling has worked with long-term, trust-based collaborations and framework agreements.

    Over time, we have had the privilege of revisiting several of the works designed by Arne Jacobsen, and to take care of supplementary maintenance or renovation. This applies to both the buildings' physical conditions and functional adaptations.

    We see transformation and optimization of the existing building stock as absolutely central to the future of green transition, and as a cornerstone in our studio's sustainablility strategy.