Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Multi-use pedestrian bridge in Brisbane

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will not only encourage green transportation, but will also include recreational opportunities and become a must-visit destination.

  • Brisbane, Australia
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2020 - Under Construction
  • Client
    Brisbane City Council
    Blight Rayner / WSP / RWDI / Besix Watpac / Rizzani De Eccher / ASPECT Studios
  • Brisbane in Australia is known as the river city and the new Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will help people get closer to the riverside by providing spaces to stop and enjoy a meal or a drink while taking in the impressive outlook across the river and of the Story Bridge.

    The bridge is a gateway to Brisbane’s city centre and Kangaroo Point Peninsula, the newest link in the city’s active green network. Connecting key inner-city precincts, and encouraging greener transport options, the bridge will unlock new opportunities for how people move, play, and engage in the river city.

  • Brisbane Mid Span Pier 5 Pause
  • The winning design

    The distinctive mast form appears light-weight and slender while enabling the deck to float through the structure, with a cap (pyramidion) on the mast. The cable connections provide a clean and uninterrupted mast expression.

    The deck provides safe transitions and interfaces between the deck and other project elements, including pause points, landings, lift landings and plazas, and facilitates new and improved connections.

    The bridge enhances the city skyline and river-city experience and responds to the city’s subtropical climate by providing a shady canopy and green areas.

  • Brisbane view 2
  • The winning team

    Dissing+Weitling will embark on this grand project together with engineers WSP and RWDI, entrepreneurs Besix Watpac, Rizzani De Eccher, architects Blight Rayner and landscape architects ASPECT Studioes.